A Public Response to @Sears

An official statement.

Instead of doing the usual starting at 4am, an hour of stock research and then an hour in the gym, I am catching up on tweets following a story on Sears that lit up Twitter.  Both the Twitter response, and the response by Sears HQ, are two things I have never seen, or been exposed to, before in my life/career.  Extremely unprofessional, as are the rumors being spread by the company that I am a Macy’s consultant (not making this up, and nothing could be further from the truth). Yes, I am “one of those” having made my life my career (11 years logged in financial services that is really 111 years because this is all I think about every second; this is never work, it’s passion and love).

I thank everyone for their support and encouragement to keep going in search of more truth not only on Sears, but all companies.

Throwback Comments on Sears

Business Insider-2013

NY Times “Dealbook”-2013

Associated Press-2011


Associated Press-2010

The Wall Street Journal-2009

In Closing

All that is left for me to say is to check out the Head of Corporate Communications’ Twitter feed and share any personal experiences from Sears over the past five years, copying me in.  I have covered Sears for nine years and have an array of facts taken from public filings to use in shortened social media settings.  Links to the filings are the simplest way to tell the story.  In fact, here is the latest financial filing to review today.  As you are reading, I encourage you to visualize your last experience inside of a Sears or Kmart.

I publicly challenge the Sears executive team to walk 35 stores of my choosing with me, with an open Twitter discussion occurring as we all walk the stores.

Bottom line: Sears may indeed have some clean, bright-looking stores.  But, the 100s that don’t look clean and bright overwhelms the good ones, creating the financial statements (and declining stock price) as presented in the link above.

Voice of the People

Perhaps the most interesting thing to me has been how Sears and Kmart shoppers have responded on Twitter.  There is almost an anger in their tweets as if to say “we work hard for our money, we grew up going to Sears and Kmart, but now you are just not treating us with respect.” All tweets below were only selected by me if they were minus swear words, I don’t believe in promoting that stuff and unlike Sears, am extremely professional and ethical.  Further, given the overwhelming response, these were a few of the direct tweets to me, excluding all of the side debates that ensued that I have been tracking. Sears…this is the voice of the people in real-time.

Sears Tweets 4